Sterling Pharmacy

Serving communities throughout southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, Sterling Pharmacy strives to empower patients, coworkers, and communities to build healthier lives. With a focus on creating personal relationships, Sterling Pharmacy is committed to providing every patient with personalized, expert pharmacy care.

Sterling Pharmacy’s mission is to cultivate caring relationships with patients and communities in order to provide innovative pharmacy services that empower people to build healthier lives.

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Sterling Long Term Care

With three locations throughout southern Minnesota and a facility in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, Sterling Long Term Care Pharmacy provides long-term care communities with pharmaceutical services designed to meet each community’s individual needs.

Sterling LTC's mission is to provide innovative services and advocacy to the long-term care community by partnering with others who care.

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Sterling Specialty Pharmacy

Filling a specialty medication can be a complicated process. Sterling Specialty Pharmacy works closely with prescribers and manufacturers to help patients get the medications they need, with clear instructions on how and when to use them.

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy’s mission is to streamline patient access to critical specialty medications while prioritizing continuity of care, clinical excellence, and strategic partnerships.

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Headquartered in Austin, Minnesota, Smart-Fill was built to help independent pharmacies across the country thrive with the buying power of a chain, the ease of single-source payment, and the back-office technology services that enable pharmacy owners to focus on serving their customers.

Smart-Fill’s mission is to empower independent pharmacies to remain competitive, relevant, and well-positioned to provide the best possible patient care.

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Stone Arch LTC Logo 2022

Stone Arch LTC was formed to help independent long-term care pharmacy owners make the most of their current opportunities while keeping a watchful eye on the horizon for what’s coming next. By combining the resources of IHPN and NetRx, Stone Arch LTC is now the largest long-term care buying group in the nation. This volume-driven approach gives our members the leverage needed to negotiate a lower cost of goods, higher discounts, substantial generic rebates, and competitive generic pricing.

Stone Arch LTC's mission is to empower our community of independent pharmacies—both retail and long-term care—to remain competitive, relevant, and well-positioned to provide outstanding patient care.

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Astrup Family Foundation

The Astrup Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charitable organization created to support honorable charities in the focus areas of Christian faith, family values, education, healthcare and strengthening communities.

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